Disruptive Successor Podcast

Episode 17 - Building a Multigenerational Family Business That Lasts: A Conversation with George Isaac

Episode Summary

George Isaac joins Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor Podcast. George and Jonathan talk about family business dynamics, and George shares some focus on his book called “Your Business, Your Family, Your Legacy.”

Episode Notes

George Isaac is the President/CEO of GAI CAPITAL Ltd. and George Isaac Consulting. GAI Capital Ltd. is a 20-year-old Santa Barbara and Los Angeles-based national family business and family office consulting and investment firm. Through George Isaac Consulting Division, it provides advisory services to family business/family office senior executive teams, corporate boards, and ownership groups. 

You can learn more about George Isaac and get in touch with him at https://www.georgeisaac.com/.

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